2013 Matches

2013 Matches:

Studio Artist Veronica Cianfrano & Tori Adamo, Painting/Drawing '15

Jennifer Schick of PHAIR & Sydney Andrews, Multidisciplinary '14

Studio Artist Kay Healy & Tim Martin, Animation '15

Kay Healy & Monica Morris, Sculpture '15

Studio Artist Michele Kishita, & Alexandra Coultas, Painting/Drawing '14

Michele Kishita & Phillip Mastrippolito, Painting/Drawing '15

Nicolette Marinos of Sandbox Studios & Morgan Beye, Photography '15

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Studio day 7/15/13

The day started with Michele asking me to fix one of her paintings she is giving to a friend. 
I happily said yes to this task, I felt proud that she trusted me enough to help mend one of her 
Michele had me paint over what was a large brown cloud-like form with the pink paint seen above, but asked me to leave a border of what once was underneath. When face to face the new thick layer of pink adds yet another textured layer to this collage.
After I completed the painting touch-up, Michele had me bring down the strips of painted/unpainted wood she featured in a recent show at the Painted Bride (which can be seen on her website http://michelekishita.com/home.html)
For an upcoming show Michele has decided to use some of these wood panels again, as well as make some newer ones. So once she figured out how she wanted the large piece to look, I got to work on painting new panels. 
 These are the two I had started, however still need some collage paper. After making a few more the new and improved piece should be complete. 
In about two weeks Michele and I will be making our way to Connecticut with her new work to present to a gallery she shows her artwork at very often. I'm excited for this trip because not only have I never been to Connecticut before, but this will be my first experience seeing how a professional artist handles working with galleries. Needless to say it's going to be a good day!
(Some of Michele's pieces we will be bring up to the Connecticut gallery)

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