2013 Matches

2013 Matches:

Studio Artist Veronica Cianfrano & Tori Adamo, Painting/Drawing '15

Jennifer Schick of PHAIR & Sydney Andrews, Multidisciplinary '14

Studio Artist Kay Healy & Tim Martin, Animation '15

Kay Healy & Monica Morris, Sculpture '15

Studio Artist Michele Kishita, & Alexandra Coultas, Painting/Drawing '14

Michele Kishita & Phillip Mastrippolito, Painting/Drawing '15

Nicolette Marinos of Sandbox Studios & Morgan Beye, Photography '15

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Studio Day 7/23/13

Yesterday was a day filled with painting. As Michele painted her smaller new pieces, I was painting the large pieces and also finishing one of Michele's older paintings she was giving to one of her friends as a gift. 
(Michele's new paintings, in which she uses gold/silver leaf, acrylic paint, and nails thin wood into the panel.)

While Michele started working on a large wooden panel, I was painting these large canvases with solid colors that Michele had chosen for each one. She said that these large pieces are going to be inspired by the very recent small paintings she has done. (As seen above.)
(Michele beginning a large panel, as well as talking about great sushi her friend made the other night.)
(Me painting these new large canvases.)
After I had finished up the first coat onto the canvases, Michele had me gold leaf a small area on a painting she is giving to a friend, a painting I had already touched up for her. While the finished product looks great in a photo, its safe to say gold leaf and I didn't get along very well. When watching Michele apply leaf to her artwork it looks so simple, but then again she has been doing this process for many years. 
(The gold leaf lining the pink is the section I did)

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