2013 Matches

2013 Matches:

Studio Artist Veronica Cianfrano & Tori Adamo, Painting/Drawing '15

Jennifer Schick of PHAIR & Sydney Andrews, Multidisciplinary '14

Studio Artist Kay Healy & Tim Martin, Animation '15

Kay Healy & Monica Morris, Sculpture '15

Studio Artist Michele Kishita, & Alexandra Coultas, Painting/Drawing '14

Michele Kishita & Phillip Mastrippolito, Painting/Drawing '15

Nicolette Marinos of Sandbox Studios & Morgan Beye, Photography '15

Monday, August 12, 2013

Setting up the Precollege Show, Day 9:

Today I was to help Michele and Allie set up a show at Uarts that was to display artwork of potential Uarts students.

Because of some squabbling over pedestals my duties were first to assist students who needed help hanging  up their work and hanging up their artist statements.

The most physically demanding task after that was to set up the light fixtures in the catwalk so each light shines each designated section. Sometimes the fixtures didn't light up, and sometimes I couldn't clip them back onto the track. By the time I got them all set up my fingers were raw. It was worth it seeing the lighting all neat and organized.

My final task for the next two hours was to spackle and paint the walls of the catwalk. As for the pedestals mentioned earlier, Allie and I convinced Lewis from the Sculpture department to borrow five of them, which we carried up to the lobby.

A nice relaxing process that results in a clean organized wall for potential students to display their work. 

Due to a family emergency I was unfortunately unable to accompany Michele on her trip to a gallery in Connecticut. I hope I can work in this program for again next summer (or work for Michele in a for-credit internship) to gain more direct experience in my field as fine artist. 

So far this past summer I have gained enough experience to know what goes on when setting up a show. What I have yet to learn to though is how to professionally submit my own work to a gallery, which is a goal I have set for later.

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